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Thank you for choosing to join the OGBL! Your online membership only takes a few minutes. Please enter your personal data first. Depending on where you live, you will automatically be assigned to one of our sections who will keep you regularly informed about union activities at the local level. We want to send you our magazine, published only in French and German, in the language that suits you best. That is why we ask you to choose one of the two languages. Other publications are also available in English.

In order for us to be able to correctly place you in one of our 16 professional syndicates and represent you in the best possible way, we need information about your current professional situation. Of course, your employer will not be informed of your membership in the OGBL unless you opt in the next step under means of payment for wage assignment.

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Voluntary memberships

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In order to be able to contact you more quickly if necessary and to give you the best possible advice, we need more information from you. However, you are free to provide us with this information.

For new members who, prior to their affiliation to the OGBL, have fulfilled for more than 12 months the condition of probation with a national or foreign trade union, member of an international or European trade union to which the OGBL is also affiliated, the 12-month waiting period for legal protection in the field of labour law and statutory civil service law is abolished.




Members of the Road Transport/ACAL Syndicate, drivers of vehicles not registered in their name and not belonging to them, can take out legal protection insurance at a cost of € 3.00 per month. The insurance cover begins on the 1st of the month following registration as a member.

The general terms and conditions of this group legal protection insurance policy can be requested by e-mail from acal@ogbl.lu.

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